Fields of Battle - Lands of Peace 14-18, London has now closed. We'd like to

thank all the guys at St James's Park for hosting us ... Its been a pleasure!!


Fields of Battle - Lands of Peace 14-18, Nottingham is now closed.

We'd like to thank Nottingham City Council for hosting us ... what a great city!!




Fields of Battle Lands of Peace 14-18 joined the BBC World War One at Home roadshow as part of the county's Trent to Trenches countywide commemorative programme.

 Nottingham was the first UK based destination to host the exhibition on its UK tour following its launch at St James' Park in London on August 4th


St James's Park, London

Following critical acclaim at the Jardin Du Luxembourg in Paris, Fields of Battle Lands of Peace 14 -18 was launched officially by HRH The Duke of Kent KG in St James's Park on August 4th, to mark the outbreak of the First World War. Sponsored by The Royal British Legion, and by kind permission of the Royal Parks, Fields of Battle will be on display directly opposite Horse Guards, adjacent to the Guards Memorial until Armistice Day on November 11th.


Our creative Director and curator of the exhibition, Jan Bridge, explains the creative process to HRH The Duke of Kent.


A few images from the Exhibition ... By Kind permission of Paul Brown / Mary Evans Picture Library


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Registered charity Fields of Battle 14-18 has developed a unique and engaging touring street gallery exhibition, based not on the horrors of war, but on how over time, nature has healed the battlefields, creating a link between the modern day and the personal dramas and stories these peaceful landscapes now hide.

Fields of Battle - Lands of Peace 14-18 does not seek to explain the history of the First World War, but rather seeks to introduce people to the subject by revealing some of the landscapes of battle and illustrating the stories of some of the men who experienced those battles.

It does so in a uniquely powerful manner, by bringing these events to people in their own communities via the medium of a photographic street gallery on a tour of the UK and Eire between August 2014 and Armistice Day in November 2018.

Under the guidance of the charitable trust, the exhibition’s key goal is to enable people who would possibly never even consider entering a museum or an art gallery to become directly engaged with the First World War.

Engagement at street level

Drawing on the unique skills of exhibition design company Wecommunic8, the pioneers of the photographic street gallery concept, this powerful exhibition will feature 60 large-scale (1.8 x 1.2 metre) contemporary colour ‘battlescape’ photographs by Mike Sheil, documenting the battlefields as they are today.

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An introduction to wecommunic8  



Street galleries create an immediate attraction through stunning large-scale imagery situated in high footfall open-air public spaces. Free to view in all weathers, day and night, they represent a direct channel of communication with the public and the opportunity to engage with local communities, schools and businesses.

The team behind the now iconic 'Earth from the Air' exhibition, Wecommunic8 have been producing stunning and innovative large-scale street galleries since 2002 that are both awe inspiring and moving in equal measure.

From concept to execution, we produce and manage the very best image displays and in turn, deliver key messages to the widest possible audience for our clients in landmark, high footfall locations.                                                          

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The overabundance of advertising in today's society has resulted in the public becoming increasingly immune to traditional media communications.  
However, the use of below the line campaigns such as street galleries, offers high impact brand exposure within a medium proven to be favourably received by the public.

Our exhibitions offer the potential to align perfectly with our clients' brand values and marketing objectives whilst actively assisting in delivering on CSR goals.

We have two existing exhibitions -  Earth from the Air, which features emotive content highlighting global environmental issues and Britain from the Air, which offers an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and diversity of our nation. In addition, exhibition content and imagery can be custom created to deliver specific goals for our clients in the form of bespoke exhibitions.


 'Street gallery content is designed to appeal universally, engaging all social groups, whilst creating a high level intellectual and emotional connection with audiences'


To view a short video outlining the key benefits of street galleries together with public reaction Click Here



Corporate businesses, government bodies and charities have all successfully delivered key messaging through the medium of Street Galleries including:

  •  The Co-operative Group
  •  The Royal Geographical Society
  •  Greenpeace
  •  WWF
  •  Nominet Trust
  •  Care International
  • Arsenal Football Club
  • Bird's Eye
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Leeds City Council
  • Birmingham Post
  • Cayman Isles Government
  • Birmingham University
  • Northamptonshire County Council
  • ONE

'We know how to create the ultimate image exhibition in any space, public or private, and for any duration. We do this with passion and commitment, which guarantees success for every project'.

Earth from the Air

Wecommunic8 created the now iconic ‘Earth from the Air’ Street Gallery to showcase the work of Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Starting outside the Natural History Museum in London, where it was originally booked for three months and ultimately stayed for nearly two years, this led to the successful running of Street Galleries for
‘Earth from the Air’ in 10 city locations across the UK.

Earth from the Air has now been seen by over 11 Million People


The official launch of ‘Britain from the Air’ took place in Bath City Centre on September 28th 2010 prior to the beginning of its national tour of Great Britain.

To find out more about this stunning gallery produced in conjunction with the Royal Geographical society click here:

Bespoke exhibitions

Wecommunic8 have worked with a variety of organisations from charities to universities and from civic authorities to overseas governments in delivering unmistakable messages in prime locations.

These include:

The 'Our Digital Planet' Exhibition for Nominet Trust.


The 'Co-operative Revolution' with the Co-operative to celebrate the

United Nations 2012 Year of the Co-operatives.


The 'Tarnished Earth' Street Gallery on behalf of Co-op Bank
in collaboration with Greenpeace and WWF at morelondon

Care International’s exhibition to mark their 25th anniversary
opposite the Tate Modern in London and in Birmingham City Centre

The Spirit of the Wild exhibition in conjunction with the WWF

Leeds 800th Anniversary

Birmingham Post 150th Anniversary

Arctic on the Edge for WWF in Copenhagen for the COP 15 summit

‘To Boldly Go’ - an exhibition illustrating the work of scientists
from Birmingham University involved in the development of a

pioneering NASA space research mission


Why wecommunic8?

Our team has a wealth of events experience and communications expertise matched by unerring professionalism and an unsurpassed record of achievement.

Based on our advice and guidance, numerous organisations have successfully used Street Galleries as a catalyst for a range of projects and initiatives to engage with local communities and the wider public to communicate a diverse range of important messages.

We have the expertise to deliver from the perspectives listed below, within the United Kingdom, throughout Continental Europe and as far afield as the United States.

  • Design
  • Print
  • System build
  • Civic liaison/negotiation
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Retail Staff
  • Translation
  • Audio visual
  • Sponsor liaison

Designed for large, open-air public spaces such as pedestrian main streets, shopping centres, civic squares or landmark locations, our street galleries have the potential to attract consistently large audiences.